Sistem Pakar Diagnosa Awal Penyakit Mata dengan Metode Bayesian Network

  • Novanita Laylatul Husna Universitas Mataram
  • Fitri Bimantoro Universitas Mataram


Almost every human activity needs an eye to support these activities, therefore it will have a bad effect if the eyes experience interference. Disorders that can be experienced in the eye can occur from minor disorders to disorders that cause loss of vision and even death. Based on the results of the Rapid Assessment Assessment of Avoidable Blindness (RAAB), the blindness rate in districts/cities in NTB was 4%. This is not only due to medical-related problems but also due to social problems related to knowledge from the community, facilities, and resources. To make it easier for the public to make an initial diagnosis of eye disease, one thing that can be done is to use an expert system. Various methods can be implemented for expert systems, one of which is the Bayesian Network method. Based on the results of accuracy testing that has been done, this application provides an accuracy rate of 84.99%. Whereas, if the system diagnosis results are a subset of expert diagnostic results, the accuracy rate is 89.99% and based on the results of the use made by the general public, this application has been running well and has provided clear information related to the diagnosis of eye disease.

Intelligent System and Computer Vision