Authors Guidelines

Author (s) must read carefully the authors guidelines for J-Cosine, before making a submission, as follows.

  1. A manuscript and Ethics Statement is mandatory for J-Cosine’s submission.
  2. The manuscripts must fulfill the minimum standard requirements of J-Cosine:
    1. Written in Bahasa or English.
    2. The length of the manuscript is at least 8 pages and NOT more than 10 pages including Figures, Tables, and References.
    3. Make sure that the manuscript is prepared by using the J-Cosine template which is available in Author kit.
    4. The J-Cosine use IEEE reference and make sure that author(s) use of Mendeley or EndNote tool for reference management and citation formatting.
    5. The manuscript must be free from plagiarism, data fabrication, falsification, duplication, and copyright infringement.
    6. The manuscript does not contain statements that are unlawful, defamatory or otherwise and do not contain material that violates personal rights or property rights of any other person or entity.
    7. The manuscript should have at least 15 references which mostly to related to the topic of the manuscript. All references must be referred to/in the paper. Additionally, at least 80% of references are journals paper and 80% of them are published in the last 5 years, at least one of them or more refers to J-Cosine or JTIKA.
  3. Structure of the Manuscript for J-Cosine must be:
    1. The title of the manuscript is maximum 10 words, without Acronym or abbreviation
    2. The Abstract must have maximum 200 WORDSNo citation;  the abstract containing a main objective of the workresearch design or methodologymain outcomes or results, and finally the conclusions.
    3. The abstract must be followed by 5 keywords which representing the terms of the topic of the research and the keyword will be used for indexing the manuscript.
    4. The body of the manuscript must have a structure: Introduction – Previous Works, The Research Method/Algorithm Results and Discussion – Conclusion-Acknowledgements - References
  4. The author(s) must register at J-Cosine first before submitting the manuscript. However, if you have already registered, the author(s) can login directly and follow the five-step submission process.
  5. The peer review process at J-Cosine is conducted by at least two anonymous reviewers (Double Blind Review).  Please refer to this link for further information.
  6. Please also read Editorial Policies of J-Cosine for publishing a Manuscript at J-Cosine